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Master Index (R)

RANDOM [Function] [SStatus Option] [Status Option]
  [TYPEP Function]

READ [Function] [Value] [Sfamsg]

READ-*-EVAL-PRINT [Function] [Value]
READ-EVAL-*-PRINT [Function] [Value]
Read-Eval-Print Loop [Concept]
READ-EVAL-PRINT-* [Function] [Value]
Read-Only Structure
  [Purification Concept]

READCH [Function]
*READCH [Function]
*-READ-EVAL-PRINT [Function] [Value]
READLINE [Function] [Sfamsg]
READLIST [Function]
READTABLE [Value] [Array] [Concept]
*READ [Function]
Real Strings
  [Strings Concept]

*REARRAY [Function]
RECLAIM [Function]
  [ALLOC Function]

REMAINDER [Function]
REMOB [Function]
REMPROP [Function]
RENAMEF [Function]
  [CONSTRUCTOR Struct Option]
  [DEFMACRO Special Form]
  [DEFUN Special Form]

RETURN [Special Form]
  [LOOP Special Form]

~Return [Formatop]
REVERSE [Function]
  [BASE Value]
  [IBASE Value]

ROT [Function]
RPLACA [Function]
RPLACD [Function]
RPLACX [Function]
*RSET-TRAP [Value]
*RSET [Function] [Value]
RUBOUT [Function] [Sfamsg]
RUNTIME [Function] [Status Option]
#R [Reader Macro]
^R [Value]
  [IOC Special Form]
  [OUTFILES Value]
  [PRIN1 Function]
  [PRINC Function]
  [PRINT Function]
  [TERPRI Function]
  [TYO Function]
  [UFILE Special Form]

~R [Formatop]

The Revised Maclisp Manual (Sunday Morning Edition)
Published Sunday, December 16, 2007 06:17am EST, and updated Sunday, July 6, 2008.
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