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LAMBDA [Concept]
Languages, object oriented
  [Type Concept]

LAP [Special Form]
  [FEATURES Status Option]

LAP-A-LIST [Function]
LAST [Function]
LDB [Function]
*LDB [Function]
LEDIT [Special Form]
LENGTH [Function]
LENGTHF [Function] [Sfamsg]
LESSP [Function]
*LESS [Function]
LET [Special Form]
LET* [Special Form]
|`-,-level/|| [Value]
  [DECLARE Special Form]

LH/| [Function]
LINEL [Function] [Value]
LINENUM [Function]
Links, UUO
  [Function Calling Concept]

LINMODE [SStatus Option] [Status Option]
LISPT [Function]
LISPVERSION [Status Option]
List [Concept]
  [APPEND Function]
  [BAKLIST Function]
  [ERRLIST Value]
  [FASLNAMELIST Status Option]
  [LAP-A-LIST Function]
  [LIST* Function]
  [LISTARRAY Function]
  [LISTEN Function]
  [LISTEN Sfamsg]
  [LISTIFY Function]
  [LISTP Function]
  [MAKE-LIST Function]
  [MAPLIST Function]
  [NAMELIST Function]
  [Namelist Concept]
  [PLIST Function]
  [Property List Concept]
  [READLIST Function]
  [SETPLIST Function]
  [TYPE Struct Option]

LIST [Function]
  [ALLOC Function]
  [TYPE Struct Option]
  [TYPEP Function]

LIST* [Function]
  [TYPE Struct Option]

LISTARRAY [Function]
LISTEN [Function] [Sfamsg]
LISTIFY [Function]
LISTP [Function]
LOAD [Function]
  [EVAL-WHEN Special Form]

LOAD-BYTE [Function]
  [LDB Function]

*LOAD-BYTE [Function]
Local Variables
  [Variables Concept]

LOG [Function]
LOGAND [Function]
  [BOOLE Function]

LOGIOR [Function]
  [BIT-SET Function]
  [BOOLE Function]

LOGNOT [Function]
  [BOOLE Function]

LOGXOR [Function]
  [BOOLE Function]

LOOP [Special Form] [Style Note]
LOSEF [SStatus Option] [Status Option]
LSH [Function]
LSUBR [Property]
LSUBRCALL [Special Form]

The Revised Maclisp Manual (Sunday Morning Edition)
Published Sunday, December 16, 2007 06:17am EST, and updated Sunday, July 6, 2008.
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