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SStatus Option Index (All)

ABBREVIATE [SStatus Option]
  [BREAKLEVEL SStatus Option]

BREAKLEVEL [SStatus Option]
CALLI [SStatus Option]
CHTRAN [SStatus Option]
CLI [SStatus Option]
CRFILE [SStatus Option]
CRUNIT [SStatus Option]
DIVOV [SStatus Option]
EVALHOOK [SStatus Option]
FEATURE [SStatus Option]
FLUSH [SStatus Option]
GCMAX [SStatus Option]
GCMIN [SStatus Option]
GCSIZE [SStatus Option]
GCTIME [SStatus Option]
GCWHO [SStatus Option]
  [SENDI SStatus Option]
  [USRHUNK SStatus Option]

LINMODE [SStatus Option]
LOSEF [SStatus Option]
MACRO [SStatus Option]
MAR [SStatus Option]
NOFEATURE [SStatus Option]
PDLMAX [SStatus Option]
PUNT [SStatus Option]
RANDOM [SStatus Option]
SENDI [SStatus Option]
SXHASH [SStatus Option]
SYNTAX [SStatus Option]
TERPRI [SStatus Option]
TOPLEVEL [SStatus Option]
TTY [SStatus Option]
TTYCONS [SStatus Option]
TTYINT [SStatus Option]
TTYREAD [SStatus Option]
TTYSCAN [SStatus Option]
Underscore [SStatus Option]
UREAD [SStatus Option]
USRHUNK [SStatus Option]
UUOLINKS [SStatus Option]
UWRITE [SStatus Option]
VECTOR [SStatus Option]
WHO1 [SStatus Option]
WHO2 [SStatus Option]
WHO3 [SStatus Option]
+ [SStatus Option]
_ [SStatus Option]

The Revised Maclisp Manual (Sunday Morning Edition)
Published Sunday, December 16, 2007 06:17am EST, and updated Sunday, July 6, 2008.
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